Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Unique Weddings / Unique Ideas / Guest Books

There are some really stunning guest book ideas & I've seen so many unique ideas this year.

A simple but effective idea, is to get all your guests to sign one of the cut out shapes& they can then be put together and framed to make a fantastic & sentimental piece of art

Another simple and effective idea is A wish tree 

A really unique idea is to sign a Jenga brick & you can be reminded of the wedding every time you play!

Another great arty idea is to use inks & have everyone make a print of their thumb as though it’s a leaf on a branch – it looks amazing when complete

Getting your guests to take a polaroid picture of themselves & leave a message is not only fun but bang on trend with the whole vintage themed wedding

Finally, I really this idea of getting your guests to write a message and post it into one of the bottles
When it gets to the anniversary’s these bottles represent, they will be smashed to reveal all the messages left by your wedding guests

Guest books have come a long way since the book & pen idea & there endless possibilities.. I hope you like the ones I’ve shared as much as I do ..

Joy x


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