Thursday, August 1, 2013

Unique Wedding Planning / Bridesmaids / Inspiration / Ideas

Unique Wedding Planning / Inspiration / Bridesmaids / Dresses / Ideas
It’s important for your bridesmaids to be comfortable on your special day, after all, they will be running around after you for most of it!
You may have a set colour & style for your bridesmaids or you may go for a variation of styles, within the same colour palette or even the same style in different colours – As long as you have something that pulls everything together, like the flowers for example- anything goes…
Here are a few ideas
I really like how the girls in these pictures all have a different dress to suit them; you want them to look & feel good too ..
The girls here are all wearing the same dress in the same colour however all have the top tied differently which gives them all a sense of individuality
If you can’t decide on a colour, who says you need too?
I just love this!
If you’ve chosen a colour, why not have variations of it from the same palette … I love this overall look
Don’t forget the flower girls!

I hope you like some of these ideas as much as I do! I think there are some amazing designs that will be perfect to suit every unique wedding day!
Joy x

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